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Swapfiets is the world's first 'bike as a service' company with a circular business model. Founded in 2014 in the Netherlands, the scale-up quickly grew into one of Europe's leading micro-mobility providers, with now more than 280,000 members in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, France, Spain and the UK. Swapfiets aims for more livable European cities, a 100% circular product line and wants to be climate neutral by 2025. In October 2022, Swapfiets officially joined the B Corp community to solidify its mission.

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Working with CtrlChain is a very happy experience where honest feedback is appreciated and any issues are resolved quickly.



As Swapfiets rapidly expanded its bike services to meet the demands of urban commuters, it encountered a significant challenge: the unpredictable nature of transport planning. The dynamic nature of their business meant that things changed rapidly, which inevitably impacted the movements of bikes between their stores and warehouses. This resulted in inefficient transportation routes and stressed their logistical operations.  

"That's why we were looking for a solution like CtrlChain, to be able to arrange transportation and not worry anymore about finding transport."  



Determined to address this obstacle and streamline their transportation processes, Swapfiets sought a reliable and flexible partner. Enter CtrlChain - a game-changing logistics solutions provider. Swapfiets recognized that partnering with CtrlChain would enable them to take charge of their transportation needs seamlessly. No longer burdened with the stress of finding appropriate transport options, Swapfiets could focus on its core mission of providing top-notch bike services to urban commuters.  

"It seems like there is no transportation that CtrlChain cannot arrange - it can be from one corner of the world with specific time slots and requirements to another, I know that 99% of the time, we will get exactly what we need and it is not our worry to find the perfect match, which can be time consuming without a platform like CtrlChain."  




The collaboration between Swapfiets and CtrlChain has significantly improved transportation efficiency for Swapfiets' bike services. With CtrlChain's solutions, Swapfiets can optimize delivery routes, reduce idle time, and eliminate unnecessary detours.   

Data-driven insights: data in real-time, no more calling  

The availability of all historical data in one centralized location has been a game-changer for Swapfiets. This data repository comprehensively overviews past transportation patterns, delivery times, customer preferences, and other critical metrics. Accessing this wealth of historical information enables them to identify trends, make data-driven decisions, and implement optimization strategies with greater precision.  

"We appreciate the possibility of finding all historical data in one place and booking some trucks at the very last minute in case of an emergency with a 95% chance of success."  

Sustainability: B Corp certified  

In 2022 Swapfiets joined the B Corp community with a score of 81.5 points. With this certification, they can help accelerate positive change and set an example for the industry.   

The alignment of Swapfiets and CtrlChain on sustainability creates a powerful synergy that drives positive change in urban logistics. Both companies' commitment to eco-friendly transportation, carbon emission reduction, and circular economy principles fosters a sustainable partnership that sets an example for the industry and delivers environmentally responsible solutions to urban communities.

"We love CtrlChain's approach to the environmental issues - as a B-Corp, that is one of our key elements for successful cooperation. We enjoyed the friendly approach and quick customer service."  



The collaboration between Swapfiets and CtrlChain has yielded remarkable results, showcasing an industry-leading alliance that optimizes logistics and sets a new standard for sustainability and environmental responsibility in urban mobility.  

"The worry of finding transport is gone. If any of our usual carriers cannot find a way to move our bikes, CtrlChain will always save us."  


I would definitely recommend CtrlChain to a business with a stable model of transport that wants to have one less thing to worry about.