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CtrlChain Frequently asked questions

How can we help you?

Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions and general information about CtrlChain to services and products. If you can’t find your question, please contact us via online chat or send an email to info@ctrlchain.com



Where does CtrlChain operate?

We operate within entire Europe and the United States.

Who can use CtrlChain?

Any business that has a VAT number and needs transport or wants to transport.

What does CtrlChain charge for using their platform?

Our platform is free of charge. For both: carriers and shippers.

How and when can I get in touch with CtrlChain?

You can get in touch with us during business hours via the online chat on our website, send us an email or give us a call! You will find our contact information here: https://ctrlchain.com/en-us/contact-us 

Does CtrlChain have its own trucks?

No, we don’t own our vehicles. We partner with the best carriers in each area where we operate. CtrlChain matches loads to the most ideally suited carriers and tries to minimize unnecessary kilometres.

How can I learn how to use the platform?

You can book a demo with one of our Account Managers where they explain, step by step, how to use CtrlChain platform, request quotes, book FTL and/or courier transport, create lanes, and use other features.

Is there a CtrlChain mobile app?

Yes, CtrlChain app helps to make better use of existing transport movements, reduces the effort of finding new loads for carriers and allows them to be in control of delivery times and order status.

What information does CtrlChain store about my company?

Company name, first and/or last name, email address, address, phone number, chamber of commerce number, VAT number, name of an account holder, IBAN number, BIC number, invoices, an overview of the purchases of our services, payment data, location data of our affiliated carriers, correspondence with you via the live chat, correspondence with you via the contact form on our website. More info on: https://ctrlchain.com/en/terms-and-conditions 

How does CtrlChain limit the number of intermediaries within the transport of goods?

As a neutral party, we always try to bypass the intermediary by using technology and strive for one single carrier per order. However, if that’s not possible, our clients will be informed about it.

Is CtrlChain a freight exchange? How is CtrlChain different from a freight exchange?

CtrlChain isn’t a freight exchange but a digital freight forwarding company. A freight exchange is an online service that connects the haulage, logistics and freight forwarding companies on the web. It allows the companies to go through a database for available freight and/or market their vehicle capacity.


CtrlChain is different from a freight exchange in the following ways:


We get to know your company. At CtrlChain we believe that in order to provide value, it is important to develop a deep understanding of the customers' pain points and offer realistic solutions to their problems.

Peace of Mind:

We know how stressful logistics can be, especially nowadays. On our end, there’s always an experienced agent from our freight forwarding team taking responsibility for each shipment that we deal with.

For shippers:

You still have complete control over your shipment, you will not have to bother with vetting carriers, comparing prices, and negotiating services.

For carriers:

Obtain loads that suit your road transport company with no extra hustle.



Supply Chain Optimization advice on the best means of transport and route for a shipment according to the origin, nature of the merchandise, destination, seasonality, danger and urgency of the merchandise.


The effort that CtrlChain puts into building its platform, allows our customers to:

For carriers:
  • Improve the experience when looking for freight to move.

  • Higher earnings due to an optimized loading capacity.

  • Compliance with proof of deliveries and fast payment for services.

For shippers:
  • Consolidation of information on a centralized system.

  • Improve the experience when looking for freight to move.

  • Track and trace your shipments.

  • Pricing visibility.

Does CtrlChain provide customs brokerage services?

In general, it is the responsibility of the shipper, however, we can help and support.

Why should I outsource my logistics to CtrlChain?
  • Significant cost savings.

  • Reduction of planning time.

  • Better allocation decisions.

  • Reduction on empty running.

  • Increased utilization of assets.

  • On-time performance.

  • Reduction of emissions.

  • Manpower savings.

How does CtrlChain help in flattening the climate change curve?

To decarbonize logistics (16% of the 51 gigatons of 𝐶𝑂2𝑒𝑞CO2eq released every year to the atmosphere) and to make the industry sustainable, there are multiple things we can do:

  • Electrification of the vehicles that move our goods.

  • Optimization of the supply chain.


Both objectives are interconnected and governed by the following metrics:

  • Energy delivered per unit of weight.

  • Energy delivered per dollar.

  • Available maximum payload.


These metrics can be used for today’s logistics (fossil fuel driven) and tomorrow’s logistics (electrification) and can be compared in terms of green premiums. Due to the limited impact that CtrlChain can have on the electrification of vehicle fleets, we have decided that the best way of contributing to the fight against climate change is to help eliminate inefficient logistical patterns that arise in everyday situations around the globe and across all transport modes.

Moreover, CtrlChain also collaborates with the following green initiatives: https://ctrlchain.com/en-us/green-logistics 

Can I connect CtrlChain to my in-house system (ERP)?

As of this moment, this is not possible.

Why does CtrlChain request the “Chamber Of Commerce” number?

To verify our shippers and carriers.

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What is the European VAT number?

It is a unique number that identifies a taxable person (business) or non-taxable legal entity that is registered for VAT. Here, you can check the VAT number on each language: VAT NumberInEUCountries

Why does CtrlChain request my VAT number?

To identify the tax entity and verify the details.

Which accessorial freight charges does CtrlChain impose and how much do they cost?

With transparency and clear communication, we try to avoid any extra charges. If it happens, think of dwell times or cancellation fees.

Which accessorial freight charges does CtrlChain reimburse?

All costs should be agreed upon upfront in an agreement, and that will be shown on the transport order. Possible accessorial freight charges will be discussed during onboarding.


What kind of services can I book through the platform?

You can book road transport for your recurring or ad-hoc FTL and courier shipments.

What are lanes and how do I create one?

Lanes are fixed rates agreed in advance for regular transports, which means that you don’t need to manually type pick-up and delivery addresses, select a vehicle or define your cargo when booking transport every time. If you want to create a lane, please, contact your account manager, and they will help you to add lanes to your account.

What is the difference between an order and a request?

Request is a quotation which is generated after you book transport for your shipment(s). Once the price has been offered for the quotation shipper can either accept or reject the offer. Once the quotation has been accepted the order will be generated. If, the quotation has been refused or rejected, the order will not be generated. If you have a lane the order will be generated immediately after you book transport.

How to prepare and load pallets for shipping?

When preparing your pallet for shipping, it is important to ensure that the goods are loaded securely and that the right kind of packaging is used. Packing pallets correctly is also essential to minimize risk when handling the pallet.


Choose the right pallet.

The pallet must be sturdy to support the load. Must be in a good condition. Avoid using wooden pallets without bottom boards, corrugated pallets or pallets made of treated wood.


Stack in columns.

Arrange the boxes in even columns and distribute the weight evenly across the pallet.


Do not overhang.

Make sure the goods fit squarely on the pallet, with nothing hanging over the edge. Overhanging increases the risk of damaged items and, also decreases the strength of the pallet.


Keep it flat.

Make sure the top surface of the pallet is flat. This allows the pallet to be stackable and reduces the risk of the pallet being damaged.


Strap and wrap.

Use pallet materials such as stretch film, bubble wrap and/or foil to secure the load.


Label clearly.

Remove old labels. Place shipping labels on each side but not on top, as other pallets might cover it up if stacked. We recommend sticking labels on the boxes and not on the external plastic wrapping, which would be ripped in transit.

How does the order assignment process work?

Once we have received your transport request or a quotation request, our team of experts will study it to make sure it’s doable. In case of a quotation, the price for the service will be provided, and accessible for the shipper to accept or reject on the platform.


Once the request becomes an order, you can just lay back and relax. We take care of the rest.


What is the difference between introducing cargo against an order and not introducing it?

These are the multiple advantages obtained when introducing cargo against an order in the CtrlChain platform:


Cargo entry allows CtrlChain to determine which vehicle should be serving the transportation request in order to lower costs and maximize efficiency by sending the smallest vehicle that can fit all your cargoes.


A load plan of how the goods need to be loaded in order to fit all is generated.

How do I cancel an order?

Cancellations cannot yet be done through the system. Therefore, the person who booked the order should contact CtrlChain Customer Success and ask them if it would be possible to cancel the order. Charges may apply depending on the order status.

Can I place multiple orders at once?

Given a lane has been selected, when placing an order on the “Locations” tab of the booking flow, it is then possible to request a recurrent order on the “Calendar” tab.


If you toggle the “Multiple dates”, then you will be able to specify the frequency and the end date. However, it is important to know that when placing a recurrent order, you cannot place orders more than 90 days in advance.

Can I insure my goods against theft or damage when shipping with CtrlChain?

Currently, you cannot book a cargo insurance policy with CtrlChain. However, if cargo is damaged or stolen during transport your goods will be protected by the “Convention on the contract for the international carriage of goods by road (CMR)”.

What are the default payment terms?

14 days.

Can I pay for the order in advance?

Yes, and sometimes it is necessary if the relationship is new and the credit limit is uncertain.

What information is provided on the invoices?
  • The CtrlChain reference number.
  • The provided service.
  • The shipper reference as it is in the platform. In case the shipper reference is missing, you will see loading and unloading date.
  • The loading date.
Why doesn’t my invoice match what I was quoted?

That shouldn’t. It might be dwell times.

Why is the carrier invoicing my company?

They shouldn’t. If it happens, don’t pay that invoice and contact CtrlChain.

What happens if CtrlChain provides a vehicle in which my goods do not fit?

First, we make sure your goods will be shipped to the delivery address. Then we search for the cause to avoid future errors.

Is it possible to place orders to CtrlChain by an API call?

Yes, it is possible to request orders via the API call. However, at this moment, we only support lane bookings.

How do I receive proof of delivery?

Upon delivery of the goods the carrier uploads the CMR against the order. The CMR is then verified by CtrlChain. If the CMR is readable, and matches the order, CtrlChain will make the file visible to your user. You can access and download the file, by:

  • Log in to the platform with your user name and password.
  • Go to your order list.
  • Look for your order (should be on delivered status).
  • Go into the order details page.
  • Access the “Documents” tab, and look for a document of type: CMR.
How do I place a claim against the road transportation carrier provided by CtrlChain?

You shall be liable for the total or partial loss of the goods and for damage thereto occurring between the time when you take over the goods and the time of delivery, as well as for any delay in delivery.


For CtrlChain to consider it a valid claim, the following should be done:


When loss or damage happens, the carrier should receive reservations no later than the time of delivery. Reservations should be noted against the CMR.


When loss or damage has been concealed (not detected when unloading happens) reservations should be made in writing, and forwarded to CtrlChain within seven days of delivery, Sunday, and public holidays excepted.


To place a claim, please complete the following form: https://bit.ly/3gKAz7a

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What are the steps involved in completing the enrolment with CtrlChain?

Verification of the company, licenses, and insurances. And a personal call.

What documents do I need to provide CtrlChain to become a carrier?

Company Registration Number, National VAT (VAT number), VAT ID (Value Added Tax), Chamber Of Commerce Number, Carrier Liability Insurance, EU Community Licence for the transport of Goods in commercial transport, National Transport Licence, ADR Advisor Certificate (in case you transport dangerous goods), Certificate for Carriage of Food Products (in case you transport food products), Licence for oversized cargo (in case you transport oversized cargo).

How do I cancel an undertaking?

If you have been assigned to an order, and for any reason, you cannot complete the undertaking, please contact CtrlChain Carrier Management team as soon as possible. Charges may apply depending on the order status.

What does CtrlChain consider as proof of delivery?

Upon delivery of the goods, you need to provide a picture or a scanned document file of the CMR or consignment note. The file will then be reviewed by CtrlChain. In order to pass the review successfully, the file needs to be:

How do I submit proof of delivery?

You can submit proof of delivery after completing an order on the CtrlChain mobile App. In the CtrlChain mobile App, you can take pictures of the CMR, upload a file from your gallery or upload a file from your phone’s file manager.

Why do I need to use the CtrlChain app?

Using the CtrlChain mobile app, allows CtrlChain to obtain the following data:

  • Your GPS position.
  • The number plate of the vehicle you are driving.
  • The vehicle type.
  • The phone number of the user.
  • The email address of the user.
  • It also allows us to retrieve data about your trip, such as the followed route, the speed of the vehicle, or the locations in which the driver stopped.
What are lanes, how do I get assigned to one?

Lanes are your regular routes and based on that, we can offer you loads and optimise your loading capacity. You can add your lanes directly on the platform by clicking on ‘Carrier Lanes’ > ‘Manage Lanes’.

What are the differences between the Bidder Role, Carrier Manager Role, and the Driver Role?
The Bidder Role allows you to:
  • Access the 'Tenders' tool for bidding opportunities.
  • Receive the bid request email.
  • View all open and closed bid requests.


The Carrier Manager role allows you to:
  • View all orders that have been assigned to your carrier group.
  • Complete actions on behalf of your drivers.
  • Create vehicles and users.
  • Introduce to fill the preferred lanes matrix.


The Driver role allows you to:
  • Log into the CtrlChain mobile app.
  • Assign your user as the driver of the order.
  • Complete order actions.
I cannot deliver an order on time, what should I do?

If ETA cannot be updated via the carrier manager web application, then give us a call or send a message via online chat on CtrlChain website.

I had an issue during transport, what should I do?

Report via the carrier web application in carrier comments, give us a call or send a message via online chat on CtrlChain website.

I cannot find the location to which I was supposed to deliver the goods, what should I do?

Report via the carrier web application, give us a call, or send a message via online chat on CtrlChain website.

How can I get more loads?

First of all, with excellent performance, and always keep an eye on the CtrlChain Tenders tool.

How can I invoice CtrlChain?

Send the invoice with the amount agreed on the transport order in PDF format to invoicing@ctrlchain.com

When will you pay my invoice?

Within 30 days.

When could I be exempt from liability?

You shall be relieved of liability if the loss, damage, or delay was caused by the wrongful act or neglect of the claimant, by circumstances which you could not avoid (Force Majeure) or when inheriting the vice of the goods.

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