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CtrlChain At a glance

About us

Our journey started in September 2018, when we noticed significant challenges in logistics management and recognized the need for a change in our traditional market. We aimed high: to create an automated logistics ecosystem that would eliminate empty runs for carriers and enable streamlined, digital, and automated logistics processes.

Since then, we've seen remarkable growth in our network. Starting with courier services in the BeNeLux, we quickly expanded into the Full Truck Load market and now provide comprehensive logistics services throughout Europe and the USA. Our team has grown to over eighty dedicated professionals, each committed to building a unique ecosystem that combines cutting-edge technology with human-centric support.

We're dedicated to empowering shippers and carriers to run profitable businesses. We focus on reducing empty kilometers, ensuring safe and timely deliveries, and relieving our clients of burdens. We aim to transform the logistics landscape, making it more efficient, reliable, transparent and sustainable for everyone involved.


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Hiring first employees

Launching our products in the Benelux

The first shipment via the system

Expansion into the European market with FTL services

Relocation to a larger office in Eindhoven

Collaboration with Justdiggit: offsetting CO2 emissions

Strategic partnership with NewCold

Expansion to the USA and Spain: opening offices in Chicago and Barcelona

We added a new service: managed transportation

Rebranding to CtrlChain

Our mission & core values

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Our mission

Empower logistics automation by building a control center that enables streamlined, digital, and efficient processes for shippers and carriers.

Our vision

We envision an automated logistics ecosystem where no carrier ever has to do an empty run again. With that, we aim to transform the industry with data-driven innovation that reduces waste and supports positive change.

We Are Go-Getters

We dare to take challenges, learn from our experiences, and transform our ideas into reality.

We Are Respectful

We value people and respect their beliefs, experiences and ideas, even if we disagree sometimes.

We Have Fun

We believe that having fun is the foundation of a successful and happy team. Let's enjoy the journey together!

We Are Trustworthy

Trust is key to healthy relationships - work or personal - and we build it through responsible actions, kept promises, and honest opinions.

We Want to Make an Impact

We do everything with a reason – to be meaningful, to have an effect on people, and to have a positive impact on the planet.

Meet the team

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