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Established in 1984, CTS International is a key player in the global freight forwarding industry, noted for its operational excellence. Boasting a network of over 90 branches worldwide, including key locations in the US, Singapore, and Europe, CTS offers a diverse range of services, such as international air and ocean freight, project logistics, and more. Committed to global logistics solutions, it aspires to be a top-tier integrated third-party logistics enterprise. 

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Working with CtrlChain feels like working with a friend; you know they'll help you out, and things will work out despite any issue that comes up. There's always a mutual understanding between us.

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Before a partnership with CtrlChain, CTS worked with a variety of fragmented systems. As a result, they had to manage different aspects of transportation, such as order booking and tracking, carrier details, and status updates across multiple platforms. This caused significant delays and frustration across operational departments. Each department member was flooded with an average of 250 update emails per day, even further increasing the complexity of their tasks.

Due to the fragmentation, administrative tasks for each of the 20 daily orders used to take from 30 to 90 minutes to complete. During peak periods, this translated to up to 90 minutes per order, accumulating to a staggering 1800 minutes, or 30 hours, each day. 

Seeking a more efficient solution, CTS approached CtrlChain, hoping to unify operations under a single, reliable system.

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After switching to the CtrlChain system, CTS instantly saw significant operational improvements.  All the previously scattered data was now centralized onto a single platform, drastically reducing the time required to manage these tasks. With many manual tasks automated, the total time spent on order processing was reduced to just 30 minutes per day. Administrative time each day was cut from 10-30 hours to just half an hour, achieving a remarkable reduction of 95-98%.

This efficiency gain is a result of the streamlined processes and direct access to consolidated data. Employees no longer need to log into numerous platforms to find crucial information and review and reply to over 1000 daily email updates. 

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CTS uses the CtrlChain system to autonomously tender ad hoc orders to their carrier partners, allowing the operations team to easily compare and select the best options based on price and service requirements.

By including their own carriers alongside the CtrlChain network in a single environment, the all-in-one system simplifies tendering and transportation management, eliminating the need for multiple tools that complicate and slow down booking procedures.

Furthermore, the system’s advanced transport reporting features allow CTS to closely monitor and analyze the delivery performance of all carriers, including their own. This capability provides valuable insights into each shipment, facilitating more precise adjustments and continuous improvement in logistics strategies. 

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CTS enjoys a comprehensive support system provided by CtrlChain, which goes beyond the mere use of technological tools. Recognizing the importance of human touch, CtrlChain provides a dedicated team specifically assigned to oversee CTS's entire logistics process. This team plays a crucial role in managing escalations, ensuring timely updates, follow-ups, and communication as well as promptly addressing any concerns that arise. 

Moreover, regular monthly reviews conducted by the CtrlChain team ensure that CTS’s logistics operations are not just maintained but continually refined to meet changing demands and challenges. This proactive approach identifies potential improvements, allowing CTS to adapt its strategies effectively. By blending advanced technology with personalized human support, CTS leverages efficient software enhanced by proactive customer service.

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For logistics companies handling high-value goods, such as CTS, the ability to ensure timely unloading and monitor shipments with real-time status updates is not just beneficial – it is critical.  This proactive approach allows CTS to actively manage transit times, anticipate potential delays, and deploy corrective measures proactively, ensuring that service levels remain high and client expectations are met. 

Given the high-value nature of the goods CTS transports, the company heavily relies on CtrlChain's quality assurance features, such as screened carrier partners and a carrier allow list. 

Before joining the system, each carrier is subjected to extensive due diligence checks and delivery quality audit. This selection process ensures that CTS has complete confidence in the security and reliability of its logistics operations. By maintaining a selective carrier environment that only allows real fleet-owners, CtrlChain differentiates itself from other open-market platforms where any applicant can join the carrier network. 


The partnership between CtrlChain and CTS has reshaped CTS's logistics operations, enhancing efficiency, reliability, and transparency with features like real-time order status updates and live GPS tracking.

CtrlChain's commitment to feedback and continuous improvement ensures their tools evolve with CTS's needs, fostering a dynamic and beneficial partnership.

Providing CTS with a fast and comprehensive solution, CtrlChain enables efficient and secure management of high-value shipments. This collaboration exemplifies how strategic partnerships and technological advancements drive business growth and operational success.

We highly recommend CtrlChain for any transportation needs. Their dedication to people and problem-solving makes them an invaluable partner for reliable logistics solutions.