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 min read.|24 Jan 24

CtrlChain fast-tracks expansion and signs strategic partnership with NewCold

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CtrlChain, a leading logistics company and digital road freight forwarder, is pleased to announce it has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Haven Ventures, a sister company to NewCold focused on investments in software technology and vertical integrations. This investment will provide substantial resources for CtrlChain's growth ambitions.

Utilising current transport capacity and creating visibility

Digital technology continues to revolutionise the logistics industry, delivering increased efficiency, trust, business intelligence, and sustainability outcomes. CtrlChain offers state-of-the-art solutions to make better use of current transport capacity and create transparency within the logistics space between shippers and carriers.

The partnership will serve to ramp up digitalisation development, expand internationally and enable CtrlChain to offer customers a full package of logistics services and continue the important journey to reduce the waste in logistics.

About CtrlChain

CtrlChain was founded in 2018. The pioneering scale-up was established with the idea of making the transport industry more sustainable, transparent, and digitally driven. The company currently has 45 employees, is based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, with an office in Budapest.

Giovanni Gubbels, CtrlChain CEO and Co-founder said: “We are thrilled with this partnership. It represents a shared belief that innovation is the key to delivering sustainable impact, flattening the climate curve and reducing waste in logistics. This investment will enable us to intensify our digital innovation in transport as we continue towards making the invisible visible.”

Abhy Maharaj, Executive GM Business & Growth NewCold and Chairman Haven Ventures said: CtrlChain will become a part of NewCold’s sister company Haven Ventures, which houses a group of experienced software and technology companies that offer the latest innovations in supply chain operations that truly scales along with the clients’ size, growing demands, or opportunities. CtrlChain’s purpose and values are closely aligned to ours making them a perfect partner for us. This reinforces the importance of technology for our business and our industry, helping us to create further value for our customers.”

CtrlChain would like to express its gratitude to the former investors BOM Brabant Ventures and the informal investors, who have since exited the business. We thank them for their trust and support over the years, as well as the business’ advisors at HVG Law and The Forward Company.

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