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Green logistics


The transport sector has a major impact on the climate. By 2050, CO2 emissions from the sector must have fallen by 90% compared to 1990. Adopting sustainable transport practices is essential to meet this ambitious target and mitigate the sector's environmental impact.


CO2 emissions

Our mission

Our goal is to build an automated logistics ecosystem where no carrier ever has to make an empty journey again. In doing so, we aim to transform the industry through data-driven innovation, which reduces waste and contributes to positive change. But we don't want to stop there.

why should you green your company's logistics?

Cost Savings

By reducing empty kilometres, your company can significantly reduce its fuel consumption, maintenance costs and wear and tear on vehicles and equipment.

Improving Efficiency

Minimising empty kilometres often means optimising route and load planning. This optimisation results in more efficient operations, reduced time and improved resource allocation.

Competitive Advantage

Efficient and cost-effective logistics services provide companies with a competitive edge. By lowering costs, they can offer more competitive prices, making their services appealing to clients and potentially expanding their market share.

Compliance and Reputation

Companies that demonstrate commitment to sustainable and efficient logistics operations may find it easier to comply with environmental regulations and standards. This can enhance your reputation and reduce the risk of regulatory fines or penalties.

How do we do it at CtrlChain?

Partnership with JustDiggit

Together with Justdiggit, we are regreening degraded land in Central Tanzania by bringing back trees. Therefore, we are helping to remove carbon from the atmosphere, regreen square meters of dry land, capture water in the ground and positively impact the lives of local communities. 

How does this work?

By donating to Justdiggit projects, we are helping to regenerate trees. Over a period of 20 years these trees will remove tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere as they grow.


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Integration with the CtrlChain solution

We added a CO2 overview to the CtrlChain platform, so our shippers are aware of how much CO2 emissions are released per transport and how much CO2 is removed from the air by regenerated trees via Justdiggit. Our customers are also able to compensate for their mileage. In that case, the emissions are offset up to 200%.


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CO2 Calculator

At CtrlChain, we are dedicated to environmental responsibility. We not only calculate and report our CO2 emissions but also actively work on minimizing empty kilometers in our operations.

Furthermore, our commitment to sustainability goes beyond reduction efforts; contributing to offset up to 200% of our carbon footprint, ensuring we make a positive impact on our planet.

Live overview

The overview of kilometres driven and CO2 offset

Status update: 16 Jul 2024

Km driven
Tonnes of CO2 offset
Trees regenerated
Regreen Land
People positively influenced
Liters of water captured