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 min read.|19 January 24

DPR Europa

DPR Europa is a trusted partner for seamless domestic and international goods transport, serving a diverse clientele that includes businesses, individuals, and institutions. They adhere to international regulations, ensuring secure transport with double-cast drivers, refrigerated semi-trailers, and advanced monitoring technology. Operating in Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and France, they boast comprehensive certifications and licenses, guaranteeing their professionalism and reliability.

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I would recommend CtrlChain 100%. It's really helpful for carriers and in organising the entire transport process.



Before DPR Europa partnered with CtrlChain they were always tackling an issue that disrupted their operations: inefficient administrative tasks. They had a hard time keeping track of all the info they needed for their logistics work. Their data was all over the place, scattered across various platforms and databases. 


This lack of integration meant that each task demanded double and triple checks, creating an environment prone to human errors and inefficiency. Their disorganized administrative process acted as a roadblock in their logistics system, slowing down their capacity to efficiently meet customer demands. 

"Before CtrlChain it wasn't all integrated, I had to spend a lot of time double-checking"



CtrlChain came in to solve DPR Europa's administrative problems. With our logistics management software, CtrlChain seamlessly integrates all relevant information into a centralized system. This simplified data sharing made decision-making faster and more accurate, getting rid of repetitive checks and reducing the chances of errors. The outcome? A simplified administrative process that saved time and boosted efficiency. Driving with CtrlChain translates to an 80% acceleration in paperwork processing through our system.

"The reason why we chose CtrlChain over competitors is that everything in the platform is streamlined. It makes things more efficient; it allows me to avoid some mistakes."



Efficiency and Time Saving

The partnership between DPR Europa and CtrlChain has revolutionised many of DPR Europa operations. This included tasks such as simplifying document scanning and transmission and improving the invoicing systems. DPR Europa has prearranged reoccurring lanes with CtrlChain, ensuring a guaranteed and stable income, eliminating the need for them to search for new opportunities, and enabling DPR Europa to plan their fleet and availability accordingly. This collaboration allows DPR Europa's team to allocate more time to critical tasks. 

All-in-One Platform

DPR Europa highly appreciates the convenience of having everything accessible on a single, user-friendly platform. They're particularly thrilled about how GPS, invoicing tools, and direct communication with drivers are all smoothly rolled into one app. 


This combination of features has greatly cut down the need to use multiple apps for different tasks, making their operations smoother and boosting efficiency overall. 

"It just makes things easier for us. Even our office staff who handle invoices tell me, 'This is great.' Everything is clear and organised."

Improved communication

DPR Europa has improved communication within the company and with drivers by collaborating with CtrlChain. This has streamlined internal operations, enhanced decision-making, and improved driver's work experience.  



Since working with CtrlChain, DPR Europa has experienced a remarkable 75% company growth. Improved communication within the organization and with drivers has boosted overall productivity and work-life quality. Additionally, the user-friendly nature of CtrlChain's platform, together with solid training and assistance, has ensured a smooth transition, even for less tech-savvy individuals. This transformation has improved security and contingency planning and has established a consistent and stable partnership, providing DPR Europe with a competitive advantage in logistics. 


And they are paid 4 times faster than in other companies! 


"Efficiency could simply be increased. When you're relieved from tasks that the system already takes care of, you can focus on developing other things." 


I would absolutely recommend CtrlChain to all companies in the transport sector, companies that want to focus mainly on transport and get rid of administration and other hassle.